workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Living in the Fifth Dimension

Awakening to a Path of Miracles


Sep 10–15, 2023


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Raise your consciousness into the miraculous fifth dimension with medical medium healer Kimberly Meredith.

Kimberly Meredith reads an excerpt from her book, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension.

Enter a new dimension of healing with medical intuitive and hands-on healer Kimberly Meredith. Experience Kimberly's psychic healing gifts as she channels messages from God, Mother Mary, ascended masters, and angels through her eyes' blinking codes—abilities she received after two near-death experiences in 2013.

Throughout the week, Kimberly guides you through channeled lectures, meditations, chakra attunements, nutritional recommendations, prayers, and activations. She connects to loved ones who have crossed over and teaches you to awaken and develop your own intuitive healing abilities. Live mediumship readings will be held throughout the week.

Learn how to live beyond worry and fear, being in your body, loving freely in the divine feminine, discovering self-acceptance and the power of forgiveness, and embracing fifth-dimension relationships.

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Recommended Reading:

  • Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul's Path to Healing by Kimberly Meredith

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 10–15, 2023

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Living in the Fifth Dimension

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    Kimberly Meredith

    Kimberly Meredith is a medical medium, healer, spiritual teacher, and author of Awakening to the...