workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Living With Grace

A Tantric Meditation Retreat


Sep 24–29, 2023


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Standard: $475.00

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Scott Schwenk meditating by a tree

Access the force of grace through the transformative practices of mantra, breathwork, and meditation with spiritual coach Scott Schwenk.

Scott Schwenk demonstrates a 2-minute breath practice to soften tension that exists in the mind and body.

Grace, the force that reveals our core inner nature as freedom, endless creativity, vitality, and most of all, love, is revealed as we dissolve habitual tension patterns. Recognize this force, align with it, and allow it to bring the greatest coherence and vitality to all levels of being at this workshop with Scott Schwenk, a meditation teacher who lived and studied in a Hindu-Tantric monastery for several years.

Weaving mantra, breath practices, and meditative awareness, Scott gently guides you to begin and expand transformative practices, accessing the doorway to grace through the dynamic stillness behind your mind. Mantra, a precise sonic technology for transforming our consciousness from within, is key to this work as you grow in the wisdom of love.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 24–29, 2023

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Living With Grace

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  • Omega faculty Scott Schwenk

    Scott Schwenk

    Scott Schwenk is a teacher who utilizes dharma talks, meditations, and breathwork practices.