workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Mastermind Your Life

With Marisa Peer.

Sep 9–11, 2022


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Mastermind Your Life

With hypnotherapist Marisa Peer’s signature Rapid Transformational Therapy, you learn to release old paradigms and become the mastermind of your life.

Nothing can boost your confidence and self esteem like praising yourself, says Marisa Peer.

Your mind will do what it thinks you want it to do—so what are you asking of it? How you talk to yourself determines everything from your health to the quality of your relationships to your satisfaction with your work. The more accurate, precise, and specific you are with the dialogue between yourself and your mind, the more effective you are at creating the life you’ve been longing to live.

Guided by hypnotherapist and therapist Marisa Peer, this weekend you learn new mental habits to help you get what you want. You experience several Rapid Transformational Therapy hypnotic regression sessions where you can make deep and lasting change in your models of reality and learn tools to put into practice immediately.

As you begin to change the way your mind works, you start to think, feel, and perceive on a new level, rewriting outdated, unwanted, and self-sabotaging thought paradigms. You return home with empowering beliefs and emotions—new models of reality—already in place.

Anyone looking to make positive, lasting change is welcome.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 9–11, 2022

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Mastermind Your Life

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