Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any prerequisites?

A. Yes. Experience in teaching yoga and/or experience with the Jivamukti Yoga method is preferred. Before you arrive at Omega, you also need to submit full payment, a signed Jivamukti Yoga® Teachers Code of Professional Standards (Ethical Guidelines) form and a signed Jivamukti Yoga® Teacher Certification Agreement. You must fill out, sign, and submit both the Medical Information Form and the Personal History Form. You are required to practice the Chakra Balancing Yoga DVD by Sharon Gannon and memorize the Jivamukti Yoga classes: “Balancing” (Vol. 6) and “Backbending” (Vol. 7). You may want to transcribe these classes before the course and bring your transcriptions with you to Omega. Also, you must submit four required spiritual commentaries on or before the first day of the course. Experience in teaching yoga and/or experience with the Jivamukti Yoga method is preferred.

Q. What is the application process?

A. There is no formal application process, but registration is limited. Please register early to reserve a place. Call Omega Registration at 877.944.2002 (845.266.4444 outside the United States), or apply online.

Q. What is the payment and refund policy?

A. A $1,500 tuition deposit is required for the teacher training, plus 50% of the total all-inclusive accommodations fee. This will hold your place. The balance is due by March 25 (cancellation deadline). Refunds are available (less a $100 processing fee) up to March 25; between March 28–April 8, you can get a nonrefundable credit on your account (less a $100 processing fee). After April 8, all fees are nonrefundable. There is no refund if you leave the training early.

Q. What does the tuition fee include?

A. The tuition fee includes the course content, teaching manual, kriya yoga devices (tongue scraper, neti pot, skin brush, etc.), and a certificate of completion. Books and accommodations are additional.

Q. What happens on the first day?

A. On the first day of the training program, you will check in between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. When you arrive, you will receive your course materials, meet your certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher mentor, get your room assignment, and settle in. You will be able to enjoy dinner in the Omega Dining Hall at 6:00 p.m., and then gather in the Main Hall at 7:00 for introductions and orientation to both Omega and the teacher training course.

Q. What happens on the last day?

A. On the last evening of the course, we will have graduation as part of our evening satsang. The last day, you will be checking out of Omega. There are no classes scheduled for that day.

Q. Do I have to stay at Omega? Or can I commute to the campus every day?

A. It is not required that you lodge at Omega. You may commute; however, you must be on time for the start of each day and stay through to the end of the daily program. There is a commuter fee to cover the cost of meals and use of Omega’s campus.

Q. After I get certified, can I automatically open my own Jivamukti Yoga center?

A. Successful completion of the program will certify you to teach Jivamukti Yoga—and that is a first step. But in order to open a Jivamukti Yoga center, you must have received advanced certification, which is not offered through this program. In addition, licensing to open a Jivamukti Yoga center is at the discretion of Sharon Gannon and David Life and will be given to those with advanced certification who meet their qualifications.

Q. Does participation in this training program automatically confer certification as a teacher of Jivamukti Yoga?

A. Generally speaking, if you commit to being present for every class session offered during the program, certification is assured. But if you don’t show up for classes or refuse to do the required work, including prerequisite readings and book commentaries, you may not receive a diploma of certification at the time of graduation.

Q: If I fail to get certified, will I get a refund?

A: All fees for this training, including tuition and accommodations, are nonrefundable 30 days before the program begins. 

Q: Can I record the lectures and other sessions?

A: No. Recordings of any kind are not permitted during the course. Still photographs are permitted.

Q: Are the accommodations at Omega secure?

A: You will have a key to your room at Omega. While theft is rare, it does happen on occasion. You should not plan to bring valuables with you to the training or leave money or valuables in your room when you are out.