workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Reclaim Your Feminine Power

For Healing & Empowerment


Sep 4–8, 2023


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Build a more fulfilled connection to your feminine self and power through breathwork, dance, tantric practices, and more.

Jill Stocker and DaeEss 1Dreah give a preview of this workshop and how you can reclaim energy and get empowered in all aspects of your life.

Many life experiences, outside influences, and trauma (individual, generational, or collective) can influence and impact a woman's ability to be fully in her power and sovereignty.

What is your soul craving? In this immersive retreat, dive into the powerful impact womb trauma can have on a woman's ability to stand in her feminine power and explore ways to release this and move freely in everyday life, fully expressed.

Womb trauma can span from trauma you may have suffered in the womb, during your own childbirth or in your lineage, sexual trauma/ancestral sexual trauma, miscarriages/abortions. Not only is your womb your internal source of safety and security, it's also your source of creativity, power, flow, and shakti.

Reconnecting with a woman's "Wild" leads to feeling lighter, freer, more creative, and with an enhanced sense of vibrancy and inner vitality. Through various modalities, including breathwork, dance, somatic practices, tantra, and more, you clear shame, trauma, and low vibrational energy in order to build a more fulfilled connection with yourself.

You return home with:

  • An enhanced connection to your feminine self and power
  • Clarity of how/who you wish to embody and move forward in the world, fully expressed and empowered
  • Tools to connect with your parts on your own and move into living/expressing from your womb, not your wound
  • The ability to access and feel the full spectrum of joy, vitality, health, creative expression, safety, security, power, and sovereignty, to go from surviving to thriving

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 4–8, 2023

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Reclaim Your Feminine Power

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