workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Relax & Write

Tapping Your Unconscious for Life & Art


Jun 17–19, 2022


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Unlock your unconscious and develop your passion for writing with Maia Danziger, author of Relax & Write.

Maia Danziger says learning to be comfortable with a range of emotions can help with self expression.

Are you a writer struggling to tap into your creative well? The Relax & Write™ method proves the blank page is nothing to fear.

Most of us write using only a small part of our available resources. These resources—intuition, creativity, and deeper knowing—are the foundations of good writing and a fully realized life. Created by Maia Danziger, the Relax & Write method unlocks our unconscious and uses its material to develop our passion for writing and living. In a safe, nonjudgmental setting, we practice deep relaxation, guided meditation, sensory awareness, and tapping into the “observer self” to awaken the inner voice we’ve always wanted to hear—and put that voice to paper.

As Danziger skillfully builds our writing into a practice, she also playfully and poetically demystifies the process, sharing insights and anecdotes from her experiences and those of her students. You leave with a writing method that forges a repeatable path; a clear, accessible way to get deep writing done.

More Information

Faculty recommends you read the following book in preparation for the course:

  • Relax & Write™: Tapping Your Unconscious for Life & Art by Maia Danziger

Things to Bring

Bring a journal and wear comfortable clothes.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 17–19, 2022

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Relax & Write

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