workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Relax Your Inner Critic

A Method to Find Your Inner Wisdom

With Neal Allen.

Jul 3–8, 2022


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This workshop has been cancelled.
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Refresh your spirit and relieve yourself from everyday suffering by finding a true path to freedom with life coach Neal Allen.

Neal Allen guides Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser in a practice from his book Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You.

Don’t you hate that nagging voice inside you that claims it knows better? It’s not you—it’s a parasite—and you can silence it.

We’ve all heard it. That snarky voice inside our heads that wants us to worry, to fear failure, and to stay productive 24/7.

Find the relief you deserve in this immersive workshop with life coach Neal Allen. You’ll go one-on-one with your own inner critic and come away with new techniques for increasing your freedom.

Spiritual work is about removing obstacles. When the defenses that are curated by your inner critic fall away, the light flows in.

In this weeklong retreat, explore your secrets, embarrassments, and fears in a safe and lighthearted environment with Neal as he shares practices that show you how to:

  • Meet the foe head-on, the central obstacle that blocks the light, the whispering voice that belittles and narrows you
  • Find the divine you, the one who can operate without your inner critic’s defensive postures
  • Open up your true self in detail through the practice of a somatic exercise, and find equanimity, peace, and empathy as regular companions

Note: Most of the exercises will be one-to-one, with a rotating partner who holds space while you work. The workshop is for those who are curious about how to start a spiritual practice, spiritual explorers with many years of retreats under their belt, and all those in between.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 3–8, 2022

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Relax Your Inner Critic

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This workshop has been cancelled.