workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Rising Wild

Exploring the Stories We Tell


Aug 18–20, 2023


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Explore the process of traditional storytelling and delve into your own roots with Indigenous rights activist and spiritual teacher Sherri Mitchell.

Sherri Mitchell explores the parallels between indigenous teachings and quantum entanglement—the concept that two particles remain tied together when they are no longer physically connected.

Indigenous people around the world are born storytellers. Their stories are connected with Indigenous people, traditions, and sacred lands. The heartfelt stories they live and tell are an essential part of their identity and informs everything they do, including their defense of life and Mother Earth.

We live in a time where many people no longer possess such connections and yet are also drawn to telling their own stories. How do we all find the right stories that will lead us back to who we are? How will our own stories help us find the right path forward?

This weekend retreat is an exploration of the process of traditional storytelling. Together and individually, we explore our roots in the Living Earth and our Ancestors. Through lecture, discussion, writing, ceremony, and shared story, we each find our way to ourselves.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 18–20, 2023

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Rising Wild

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  • Sherri Mitchell

    Sherri Mitchell is an indigenous rights activist, teacher, and transformational changemaker.