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Description & Price

Seeds of Change Conference
Cultivating the Commons
October 9-11, 2015

This event has passed. Information about current OCSL program offerings is available here.


Over the past decade, presenters and participants at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living's conferences have added an important voice to the national conversation on our environmental, economic and social challenges.

By bringing together thought leaders and activists working on diverse and interconnected issues central to a more regenerative future, a compelling and hopeful vision is emerging toward a socially just, inclusive, and ecologically sustainable society

This year Omega continues the conversation with Seeds of Change: Cultivating the Commons. Vandana Shiva and Winona LaDuke will be back, joined by renowned water advocate Maude Barlow, consumer activist and political commentator Ralph Nader, ecological visionary John Todd, and grassroots seed freedom and food justice advocates Ken Greene, Natasha Bowens, Jalal Sabur, and Will Allen.

Omega CEO Skip Backus says, “The lens of the commons instills an understanding and awareness of the value of both the natural and cultural resources that we all share. This individual change in awareness is crucial in helping bring about the sort of cultural shift we need, a shift away from consumption and depletion and toward regeneration.”

Whether you are already working closely with these issues, or are interested in learning more, we invite you to be part of a growing community coming together to protect and care for the commons, including the pivotal right to save and share seeds, the necessity of stewarding our water resources, as well as transparency in labeling and access to healthy food.

Saturday evening features a public forum with Vandana Shiva, Winona LaDuke, Ralph Nader, and Maude Barlow.

Scholarships are available for this program

* Tiered Pricing

At Omega, we believe that the benefits of a holistic education should be available to everyone. We also recognize that what is affordable for some will not be for all. We are now offering Tiered Pricing on select programs to help meet the varying financial needs of our community. This program works on an honor system. Keep in mind that the highest price reflects the cost of the workshop and allows Omega to sustain itself, whereas the lower prices cover only a portion of those costs.

Tier 1 Friends: $350 This level reflects the price of your workshop plus a tax-deductible donation of $75 to support Omega and our mission. Choosing this price includes membership in Friends of Omega and membership privileges throughout the year.

Tier 1: $275 This is the true cost of your workshop. Choosing this price helps Omega continue to retain world-class teachers and sustain classroom facilities. 

Tier 2: $200 This is our partially subsidized price for those with temporary or minor financial need. 

Tier 3: $125 This is our heavily subsidized price for those in need of deeper financial assistance.

Tiered Pricing is subject to change and cannot be combined with other discounts.