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Bobbie Martin

Bobbie Martin

Bobbie Martin completed her initial Resonance Repatterning™ training in 1998 and went on to study Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy, as well as various healing properties of light, sound, movement, and touch in more than 100 modalities. For 20 years, she has been passionately focused on empowering individuals, families, and communities.

Resonance Repatterning™ is a process designed to clear beliefs, behaviors, and negative emotions that create limitations in one’s life. Martin came by Resonance Repatterning™ after a lifelong interest in reincarnation and metaphysics to learn new ways of seeing the universe and responding to life—something more encompassing than her Catholic upbringing offered. While holding down a career in corporate marketing and management, her search for meaning and better ways of life became increasingly important. Her yearning for deeper knowledge led her to the School of Metaphysics, where she began her official studies of the different realms of the universe.

Bobby Martin’s current focus is to expand the use of Resonance Repatterning™ around the world by helping people discover their true essence.




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