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Carol de la Herran

Carol de la Herran

Carol de la Herran, PhD, is the executive director and president of the Monroe Institute. Since 1995, she has been leading workshops and residential programs in the United States, Europe, and Central America based on the institute’s Gateway Voyage® program.

The Gateway Voyage is a world-renowned program developed by Robert Monroe, a pioneer of consciousness and founder of the Monroe Institute, an international organization dedicated to expanding human potential. The institute’s Gateway Voyage® program uses Hemi-Sync® audio technology based on the premise that certain tones can encourage the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize and move into different states of consciousness, which helps our brain function at its highest abilities.

The institute’s Hemi-Sync audio technology has been the subject of research both at the institute and by independent medical professionals, scientists, and academics. Studies have proved that the technology can improve the focus of children with developmental disabilities. The institute is working on a program geared toward helping United States veterans reintegrate into their civilian lives.

Carol de la Herrran has been associated with the Monroe Institute since 1993 and now offers and develops the institute’s programs throughout the world. “It’s the best I can offer to help people have more fulfilled and satisfying lives and add my contribution to Bob Monroe’s dream of serving humanity,” she says.

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