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Eric Francis

Eric Francis

Eric Francis has been a counseling astrologer, horoscope writer, and research astrologer practicing with clients around the world since 1995. He is a specialist in minor planets and other newly discovered objects—particularly the Centaur minor planet group—and the psychological and spiritual processes they represent, and consults on the subject to the media, including the Wall Street Journal.

Francis is also an active investigative reporter, essayist, and photojournalist. As an investigative reporter, he has focused on corporate fraud and toxic torts litigation involving General Electric, Monsanto, and Westinghouse.

In 1998, Francis founded Planet Waves, a general interest web magazine that covers astrology, cultural astronomy, politics, sexuality, and spirituality. He is the astrologer for Woman magazine in the United Kingdom, Chronogram magazine in New York, and eOmega News, and his writing has been published on numerous astrology websites, including and He presents workshops and speaks at astrology conferences in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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