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Henry Dreher

Henry Dreher, MA, is director of Cancer Consultation Services, where he provides counseling on options in complementary therapy for cancer. He is a former staff writer for the Cancer Research Institute, specializing in mind-body medicine.

Cancer Guide Consultations provides cancer patients with information about conventional treatments and complementary therapies. For the past 10 years, Dreher has been helping cancer patients make informed decisions so they can develop an integrative program that takes into consideration the best medical advice, recent research findings, and their own personal needs and beliefs.

Dreher is also a prolific writer. He is a regular contributor to Natural Health and Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, and has written for New York, Self, Shape, and Tikkun. The books he’s authored and coauthored include The Immune Power Personality; Your Defense Against Cancer; Self-Nurture: Learning to Care for Yourself as Effectively as You Care for Everyone Else; Healing Mind, Healthy Woman; The Healing Power of Psalms; Joe Torre’s Ground Rules for Winners; and Mind-Body Unity: A New Vision for Mind-Body Science and Medicine.

“Discoveries by today’s mind-body scientists are compelling us to replace outmoded ideas about stress and health,” Henry Dreher writes in The Immune Power Personality. “Stress has been a buzzword since the 1960s, when our culture began disseminating the notion that external pressures and upsetting events are key psychological factors in illness. Recent investigations have altered that view. They reveal that stress is an inevitable and sometimes even positive force in our lives. The pivotal psychological factor in illness is not stress, but rather how we cope with stress. And how we cope depends, in large part, on our personalities.”


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