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Jennifer M. Courtney

Jennifer M. Courtney, LCSW, is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a staff clinician and program manager of the Albany, New York Stratton Veterans Administration Medical Center post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) program.

Currently a doctoral candidate at the University at Albany School of Social Welfare, Courtney is the coauthor of the PTSD Family Workshop Protocol, an educational and experiential workshop series for the friends and family of veterans suffering from PTSD.

Courtney has also coauthored the Stratton Veterans Administration Medical Center’s Strong Bonds program, which was designed for the 99th Regional Readiness Command United States Army Reserves and was presented to soldiers and their family members throughout the Northeast.

In addition, Jennifer M. Courtney has worked as a practitioner with homeless adults with severe mental illnesses and has served as the clinical director for supportive residential programs for individuals with severe mental illness in New York City.

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