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Julie Motz

One of the first nontraditional healers allowed to work in an operating room, Julie Motz harnesses the body's own energy to help patients survive risky operations, such as heart transplants and cancer surgery. She has worked in surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York and Stanford University Hospital in California, as well as many other hospitals across the country.

In working side-by-side with surgeons, Motz discovered the profound emotional journeys and causes that underlie the path of disease. Her work consists of being with patients before, during, and after their surgeries to resolve emotions that contribute to their physical illness. In this way, the body, mind, and spirit are treated as an interconnected whole, making true healing a real possibility.

Motz has been profiled on Dateline and CNN, and in The New York Times Magazine, New Age Journal, Ladies' Home Journal, and more. She lives in Putnam County, New York, and the San Francisco Bay area.

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