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Kaline Alayna Kelly

Kaline Alayna Kelly

Kaline Alayna Kelly has been immersed in the healing arts from early childhood. She is a senior teacher and holds master certification in Asokananda’s Sunshine Network of Thai Massage and Ayurvedic Bodywork in Thailand and New Zealand.

Kelly has lived and taught in a tribal community in Thailand for more than 15 years and has studied extensively with several Thai massage masters and indigenous healers. Her background includes a rich array of medical, osteopathic, holistic, yogic, and shamanic study. Through her deeply heart-centered practice, she invites others with loving inspiration into the essence of true healing.

Kaline Alayna Kelly teaches Thai massage internationally in Thailand, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States. She also offers Yin Yoga teacher trainings.

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