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Karuna Erickson

Karuna Erickson

Karuna Erickson is director of the Heart Yoga Center, a registered yoga teacher training school with Yoga Alliance. She has taught yoga and trained yoga teachers for more than 20 years, interweaving Sufi poetry, her experience as a psychotherapist, and the Buddhist practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation into her classes.

Erickson is coauthor, with Andrew Harvey, of Heart Yoga: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga and Mysticism. She teaches courses with Harvey and previously has assisted Rodney Yee and Judith Hanson Lasater in yoga worshops, and considers them, along with B.K.S. Iyengar and the Dalai Lama, to be her most influential teachers. Currently, Erickson leads annual retreats, yoga teacher trainings, and workshops in Canada, the United States, Bali, and Costa Rica.

What People are Saying About Karuna Erickson

“Karuna is delighting us with her authentic and intense inquiry into spirit. Her yoga is inspiring!”
—Rodney Yee, author of Moving Toward Balance

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