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Kevin Stack

Kevin Stack is an ecological builder, building scientist, ecoliteracy educator, Biomimicry Speakers Guild member, BaDT, and LEED Faculty™ member who builds, designs and teaches in nature’s image. He first described the concept of ecological performance standards, the essence of his uniquely adaptable Building in Nature’s Image™ system, a practical paradigm shift to "Nature as Mentor, Measure, and Model.”

Educated in forestry and biology at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), Kevin Stack first began evolving his Building in Nature’s Image™ framework of Ecological Performance Standards more than three decades ago, as founder of affiliated companies that focus on ecological building and design support in the human-­built environment, and more recently as ecoliteracy trainer and educator of thousands of architects, engineers, undergraduate students, and built-environment professionals hroughout North America.

Stack teaches as visiting faculty member at ESF and OCC, educating students about Building in Nature’s Image™, Ecological Performance Standards, building science, and sustainability science and ecoliteracy in the human-­built environment. He lectures internationally, chairs the LEED for Homes Working Group, and provides LEED coordination, technical support and rating services to a variety of projects. His projects also include defining Ecological Performance Standards for built projects; forming a community deconstruction infrastructure that mimics the ecosystem service of decomposition; providing holistic building science and constructability, HERS Rating, and LEED coordination, technical support and rating services for a diversity of projects, including a university dormitory, an adaptive reuse warehouse, and three winning entries of a university design competion; and building the first LEED certified home in New York.

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