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Lena Falth

Lena Falth

Reiki master Lena Faith is the director of Integrative Reiki. Having begun her Reiki practice in hospitals and hospices, she now strives to educate and meet the needs of professional health-care providers, nurses, and community members with evidence-based knowledge about the importance of Reiki energy therapy in integrative health care.

After a near-death experience in 1995, Faith began her Reiki training, then trained in the traditional Mikao Usui-Hawayo Takata lineage. In her private practice, she serves many prominent figures in the arts, entertainment, politics, and business fields. She also offers workshops to help people improve the quality of their stressful lives and she has treated thousands of people with Reiki energy therapy.She was also part of a team that taught the Urban Zen Foundation’s Integrative Therapy Program at UCLA.

Lena Faith currently holds the position of Reiki master at New York City’s Urban Zen Foundation, where her curriculum and training manual is used for the foundation’s Reiki I training.

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