Mary Kuentz

Mary Kuentz, PCC, CPCC, is a coach and senior faculty member of Leadership That Works and Coaching for Transformation. Since 1999, she has coached executives, small business owners, community leaders, seekers, and coaches, helping them become spiritually fulfilled while also making the most of their talents at work and in life.

In private practice since 2001, Mary Kuentz holds the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a mentor and teacher to coaching students around the world, as well as leaders who want to implement a “coach approach” in their organizations. She is on the faculty of NeighborWorks Training Institute, working with nonprofit and social justice leaders to empower working families and communities across the United States.

An executive coach with the Omidyar Fellowship Hawaii, Kuentz works with emerging leaders who tackle tough challenges in Hawaii and around the world.

She says, “Being aligned with the work you were born to do is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself or the world. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to continue doing work that's not fulfilling. There are no rewards for draining yourself of life force. Coaching can help you gain clarity about your contribution to the world, bringing out the best in yourself and everyone around you.”

Before becoming a coach, Kuentz worked at Cornell University as a web producer and as a creativity consultant and trainer to Corning Incorporated. When she’s not coaching or teaching, Mary Kuentz enjoys time outdoors, exploring the natural world, gardening, or swimming.

Mary Kuentz at Omega