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Nance Pettit

Nance Pettit

Nance Pettit, LAc, MEd, is a healer, musician, and workshop leader. She is the daughter of a Methodist minister, a student of vipassana and Zen meditation, a Daoist acupuncturist, and a Sufi teacher in the Shadhiliyya tradition. In her healing practice as a psychologist and acupuncturist, she calls upon prayer to approach opening the heart for healing, guidance, and fulfillment. Pettit also offers Heart of Vibrant Living workshops, which explore ways to bring harmony into all areas of life using knowledge of the Chinese five elements, heart-centered meditation, and immune boosting herbs, lifestyle habits, foods, and detox methods.

In addition to her own musical releases, Pettit, with her husband David Wilcox, recorded the album Out Beyond Ideas, a collection of duet songs written to ancient sacred poetry from many spiritual traditions. In 2005, she and her husband sold their home and many of their belongings to hit the road with their 12-year-old son Nathan for two years of travel in an Airstream trailer. They now live in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

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