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Nick Bowden

Nick Bowden

Nick Bowden is the chief executive officer and cofounder of MindMixer, an Omaha-based company designed to help people be active participants in their communities without having to be physically present for community meetings. MindMixer provides people online access to share ideas, solve challenges, and interact with community leaders at any time, from anywhere. MindMixer launched in March of 2011 as an answer to the long-standing problem of decreasing citizen involvement in local decision-making.

Before his work with MindMixer, Bowden was a partner and owner of Community ReDesigned, a landscape architecture and community planning firm involved in the redesign of cities, neighborhoods, parks, schools, and churches.

Nick Bowden began his professional career with Olsson Associates, an engineering and design firm that offers design and consulting services for land development, urban planning, water resources, and technology.

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