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Penny B. Block

Penny B. Block, PhD, is cofounder and executive director of the Block Center and a leading authority in designing, implementing, and evaluating complementary care programs in medical and hospital settings. In her role at the Block Center, she is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the integrative practitioners at the center, including psychologists, social workers, registered dietitians, physical therapists, massage therapists, and complementary care specialists.

For almost 30 years as an educator, author, and lecturer on integrative medical treatment, Block has presented seminars on complementary and alternative medical therapies in lay and scientific conferences. She also and teaches in university settings.

A graduate of Cornell University with a master’s degree from Northwestern University, Block completed her doctorate at the University of Chicago with a research focus in behavioral medicine and psychosocial oncology.

Today, in one-on-one and small groups counseling, Block is guided by her keen understanding of the unique challenges that cancer and the recovery process present to all patients. Respecting each patient’s need to feel better informed and empowered for health recovery, Block designs full integrative strategies and individualized programs using approaches, including cognitive-behavioral and logo therapies along with meditative and relaxation practices.

Working in partnership with patients, Penny B. Block’s ultimate aim is to help each person identify and marshal their own inner resources for optimizing vitality and health.

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