Rochelle Schieck

Rochelle Schieck

Rochelle Schieck is the founder of Qoya, which combines movement, ritual, community, and pilgrimage to help women remember that their essence is wise, wild, and free.

Qoya teaches us that body movement is a portal to memory, and helps us shift our perspective from one of going through the motions to savoring life as sacred. Schieck teaches her craft through classes, workshops, rituals, retreats/pilgrimages, teacher trainings, free online videos, blogs, online courses, and through the Qoya book.

Schieck’s work has been featured in New York magazine, the Telegraph, Psychology Today, and on She is the author of Qoya: A Compass for Navigating an Embodied Life that Is Wise, Wild and Free. Her mission is to support people who feel a call to infuse meaning into their daily lives.

As the creator of Qoya, Schieck has had the honor of creating containers for those who feel called to remember, honor, and trust more of their feminine essence. She has led thousands of classes and hundreds of private sessions, trained teachers worldwide, and headed dozens of retreats to explore the question: How do we move in a way that most honestly and authentically expresses our true nature?

Schieck has always loved to move, and started dancing as a young girl growing up in Minnesota. She has spent the last 15+ years traveling across six continents as a student and teacher. Schieck couples her passion for movement and feminine essence with her experience as a massage therapist, shamanic energy healer, personal trainer, and fine arts scholar.

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