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Sri Tathâta

Sri Tathata

Sri Tathâta was born in Kerala, India, where, as a child, he showed an intense interest in spiritual and devotional practices. Later, as a young man, he followed the strict discipline of a yogi, and went on to become a spiritual teacher. Since 2007, Sri Tathâta has traveled throughout the Western world to teach.

Sri Tathâta’s deep knowledge of the Vedas is keeping alive one of the most ancient and revered traditions of India. The Vedas are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism. Their origins date back to about 1,500 BCE. These scriptures were composed by great sages of ancient times, known as Rishis, who, according to tradition, derived their knowledge directly from God.

Sri Tathâta now initiates people into practices to purify their physical, energetic, and mental states to help usher them into higher levels of awareness. Foremost among these practices is a unique pranayama, which speeds up the process of self-realization to trigger, and promote, a cellular transformation.

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