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Stephen Sagar

Stephen Sagar

Stephen Sagar, MD, is a professor in the departments of oncology and medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and a radiation oncologist at the Juravinski Cancer Centre of Hamilton Health Sciences and the Brain-Body Institute. He also former president of Society for Integrative Oncology, a nonprofit organization to educate oncology professionals, patients, and caregivers in cancer treatment and the recovery process through the use of integrated complementary therapeutic options.

An educator and researcher for developing a health-care model of integrative medicine, he has published dozens of studies for medical journals and websites in the area of complementary therapies for cancer patients. He is also the author of the 2001 book, Restored Harmony, which explores the use of traditional Chinese medicine, along with Western medicine, to offer a new way to treat cancer. Sagar also lectures throughout North America, Asia, and Europe, and has regularly been interviewed on television by CBC’s Marketplace to discuss the authenticity of questionable cancer treatments.

“The ultimate system of medicine and healthcare is to be found in being open minded and building bridges between difference disciplines,” Stephen Sagar writes in Restored Harmony. “We need to understand how our thoughts processes and emotions can influence the physical changes in our body.”

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