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Susan Luck

Susan Luck

Susan Luck, RN, MA, HNC, CNN, a certified clinical nutritionist, certified holistic nurse, and medical anthropologist, has worked in the field of integrative health care for more than 20 years. She serves as director of the Integrative Nursing Institute and as a consultant to Special Immunology Services at Mercy Hospital, Miami, Florida.

A pioneer in the holistic nursing field, Luck is also founder, president, and director of program development of the Earthrose Institute, a foundation that educates women on nutrition, environmental health, and breast cancer prevention. She is a contributing author of Holistic Nursing and an editor for Lippincott nursing textbooks on nutrition and herbal medicine. She is also the producer of the award-winning video, At the Heart of Healing: Experiencing Holistic Nursing.

A speaker nationwide on the environmental and nutritional influences on women’s and children’s health, Susan Luck is working on a National Institutes of Health grant on nutrition and immune function.

“I had the unique privilege to live and work in an isolated Maya community in the mountains of Guatemala where I volunteered in a field relief effort after a devastating earthquake,” Susan Luck recently told an interviewer. “As a young Western trained nurse, I was witness to the community’s healing rituals with their shaman who served as priest, doctor, psychologist, and worked on the mind, body, and spirit using herbs, oils, chants, and calling in the ancestral spirits.” As people returned to health, she says she began to question what health and healing really mean, an she later tundertook graduate work in medical anthropology, focusing on cultural healing systems.

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