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Yuri P. Danilov

Yuri P. Danilov, PhD, is a neuroscientist with more than 25 years of experience in research on brain function and the special senses, including vision, taste, hearing, and balance. The lead discoverer of the balance retention effect and lead developer ofspecific training regimens, he continues to identify potential clinical and non-clinical application of neuromodulation and sensory substitution technology.

In 1978, Yuri P. Danilov received his Master's degree in biophysics from St. Petersburg University in Russia and his doctorate degree in neuroscience, in 1984, from the Pavlov Instititute of Physiology, Russian Acadamy of Science. He was senior scientist and director of clinical research at Wicab, Inc., where he oversaw both conceptual development for the BrainPort system as well as its clinical testing. His areas of interest are in neuroplasticity, neurorehabilitation, human performance, human performance, and human sensory systems.


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