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Therapeutic Tai Chi & Qigong

An Intensive Training for Health Professionals


Oct 2–7, 2022


Member: $390.00

Standard: $435.00


Gain tools for clinical practice and improved health in this 5-day training in the therapeutic effects of tai chi and qigong.

This hands-on training covers the application of traditional tai chi and qigong for health and healing. We explore the relationship between specific movements and the body organs and systems. Special focus is given to clinical needs of hospital patients and health-care clients, including cardiac rehab, stroke rehab, subacute clinical recovery, post-operative issues, physical therapy, occupational therapy, gait and balance training, and sleep disorders.

We learn highly effective exercises for those in wheelchairs or bedridden. We also learn how to do a 1-minute workout, a 2-minute workout, a 5-minute workout, a workout while driving a car, and a workout in confined spaces.

We train in traditional qigong each morning and traditional tai chi chuan in the afternoons. We also practice Tai Chi Ruler, a rare healing form that is not being taught anywhere else on the East Coast. We return home with tools for clinical practice and improved health.

No previous experience is necessary. This workshop is suitable for health-care professionals and for all interested in the healing effects of tai chi and qigong. Advanced practitioners are welcome.

More Information

Enrollment is limited for this program; register early.

The faculty recommends you read the following books in preparation for the course:

  • T’ai Chi Ch’uan for Health & Self-Defense: Philosophy & Practice by T.T. Liang
    This is a book by T.T. Liang, widely available. The Omega bookstore carries it. It’s available from Amazon. The paperback retails for about $16.
  • Taijiquan Explained by Alex Dong
    A book by Alex Dong. This is privately printed and will be available at the Omega bookstore or through the author’s online store at Cost is $45 plus shipping.
  • Qigong Essentials for Health Promotion by Jiao Guorui
    A book by Jiao Guorui, published by China Reconstructs Press. Unfortunately, this book is out of print and no longer easily available. But it does turn up periodically on eBay or Amazon and is really the best book out there on the subject.

Things to Bring

The faculty suggests bringing the following items to class (not mandatory):

  • Tai Chi Ruler
    This is a handmade wooden object used in the practice of the same name, which for centuries was taught only to the families of the Chinese Emperors. It measures about 10 inches long and two inches wide. It’s available on eBay for about $25 plus shipping (search for “Tai Chi Ruler with Center Hole”). The three fundamental exercises of the Ruler practice do not use the ruler itself, and the other movements can be done without it. But experience has shown that the ruler really does enhance the practice, people like it, and it’s great as a meditation aid and massage tool. Also, it’s traditional.
  • Notebook
    We’ll be covering a lot of ground pretty intensively, so a reporter’s or stenographer’s notebook might be useful. You could plan to leave the notebook to the side, and just make notes during the breaks between different sets.

Course Rhinebeck, NY

Oct 2–7, 2022

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Therapeutic Tai Chi & Qigong

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