workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Upper Room

A 5-Day Channeled Retreat

With Paul Selig.

Jun 19–24, 2022


Member: $560.00

Standard: $625.00

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Make way for personal growth and overcome obstacles hindering you along the way with award-winning author and channel Paul Selig.

Paul Selig channels a higher level of consciousness to help you achieve personal growth.

Spiritual channeler Paul Selig is known for his ability to use energy healing to serve as a medium for the living. Paul has the unique ability to step into and “become” the people his clients ask about, often taking on their personalities and physical characteristics as he “hears” them telepathically.

Paul and his Guides lead an unforgettable journey of self-development to achieve new levels of alignment, healing, and life purpose. His 5-day channeled retreat (the first ever in the Northeast) features channeled lectures, attunements, question-and-answer sessions, and energy work.

In this practical program, Paul shares ways to:

  • Become attuned to a higher frequency that you can trust and feel
  • Free yourself from patterns of limitation and fear
  • Learn to send and receive healing energies
  • Acquire tools to access your divine nature and transform your life

The work of Paul Selig has become the most important expression of channeling since A Course in Miracles rose to prominence in the 1970s.

More Information

Faculty recommends you read the following books in preparation for the course:

  • The Beyond the Known Trilogy by Paul Selig:
    • Book 1: Realization: A Channeled Text
    • Book 2: Alchemy: A Channeled Text
    • Book 3: The Kingdom: A Channeled Text
  • I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time by Paul Selig

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 19–24, 2022

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The Upper Room

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