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Women & Power

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Oct 6–8, 2023


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Join inspiring women leaders who want to spark hopeful change–at home, at work, and in their communities–for a weekend of deep conversations and meaningful experiences.

These times call for talk: critical conversations about the pressing issues roiling the world. The kind of talk that plumbs hard truths and also reaches across differences to create connection. The kind of talk that is the antidote to breakdown and the stimulus for breakthrough.

This conference is an invitation to talk, to listen, and to pose and answer questions that women across generations and around the world are asking: How do we redefine power and practice it with compassion, even as we stand strong for rapidly eroding rights? How do we keep joy and creativity alive while facing simultaneous existential threats? How do we care for the suffering in our own neighborhoods and across the globe, and still find energy to dream a new way into being?

Join us for conversations and panel discussions between inspiring conference speakers and participants—about our work, our families, our communities, our despair and grief, our big ideas and bold plans. Come to learn, to be in community, to rest and care for yourself, so you can leave refreshed and ready to do power differently at home and in the world.

Teachers and presenters are subject to change.

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Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Oct 6–8, 2023

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Women & Power 2023

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