Yoga Nidra
July 2016

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Yoga Nidra

July 29, 2016 – July 31, 2016
Rhinebeck, NY
Glenn Black
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SM16-3302-480Glenn Black,

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The practice of yoga nidra is a pathway to meditation. In order to go beyond concentration, thoughts and perceptions of the sensual world must first be dissolved. Once the waking, intellectual mind ceases its usual activity, true meditation can occur.

In this weekend workshop, master teacher Glenn Black guides us in yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, helping us to prepare the body and mind for the spontaneous arising of meditation to occur. Through a variety of movements the body softens and the mind becomes calm. In shavasana (corpse pose) we move through the classical stages of yoga nidra.

As the usual obstacles that obscure a more pure and clear reality are brought forward, attachments to the ordinary world are gradually discarded. In addition to reducing stress, both mental and physical, yogra nidra helps us open up to and allow a new perspective of reality, one that the mind in its ordinary state cannot imagine.

This workshop includes movement that may be strenuous to some. During the weekend you will be expected to resist your usual addictions and impulses.

Black has been teaching yoga nidra for more than forty years. He relies on his intuition to help him guide groups through this intense process of reaching meditation, a condition of consciousness with thought.

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Known in the yoga community as a master teacher, Glenn Black has an inspiring, no-nonsense style of teaching that comes from more than 40 years of intensive study of yoga, movement, and therapeutic bodywork. Like the legendary “forest yogis” of ancient times, Black has spent many years of intensive practice in solitude. He is also the only person certified by Shmuel Tatz, the creator of BodyTuning™, to teach this sophisticated system of bodywork. Black’s clients include many top music, sports, and business celebrities.