What People Are Saying About the Yoga Service Conference

“Presenters at the Yoga Service Conference were knowledgeable, attentive, engaged, and ever so inspiring. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to connect with folks whose yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices are primarily focused on ‘service to the world.’”
—Sue Julian

“The Yoga Service Conference was an excellent way to receive mentorship from those who are paving the path of yoga service! The teachers adeptly wove the thread of learning through spheres of personal, community, and global transformation. I left feeling nourished and supported in both pragmatic and spiritual ways.”
—Paula Soto

“At the Yoga Service Conference, I experienced the size and intensity of the energy of commitment of many teachers serving ‘underserved and under-resourced parts of our communities.’”
—Midge Kinder

“What an incredible, jam-packed weekend of service, love, and light. Thank you so very much. I joined the Yoga Service Council and I look forward to next year's conference and to our collaboration and revolution!”
—Emily White

“Attending the Yoga Service Conference was immensely impactful for me and my newly founded yoga service organization. It was such a tremendous value and so well put together. Many, many thanks for offering this. I feel we found our larger community. We are not alone.”
—Jackie Le Meur