Our Commitment to Yoga Service

A warm hello from Omega,

Since our beginning, Omega’s mission has been to awaken the best in the human spirit and to provide hope and healing for individuals and society. Yoga and service have been always been core components of our offering and continue to serve as transformative tools toward our personal and collective growth and well-being. 

Over the years our community has been enriched by an ever-widening network of people and organizations that share our deep commitment to service. Through this experience we have learned that the power of working together is much stronger than walking the path alone. When we combine our energy and intentions, our reach is extended and we can have a greater positive impact in the world. That’s why it’s only natural the Yoga Service Council (YSC) and Omega have partnered together on a path of offering and supporting yoga service.

This partnership first began in 2009, when Omega offered space for a group of yoga teachers to come together and talk about ways to support those who worked with vulnerable and underserved populations. From this initial gathering emerged the YSC, which offered the first annual Yoga Service Conference at Omega in 2011.

During each Yoga Service Conference at Omega, we have discovered and rediscovered that the YSC board and the teachers who choose to be involved in this work are some of most compassionate people we have met. Yoga service truly is a practice of the heart—and it’s a specific path of yoga that fully aligns with Omega’s mission and ideals.

As a result of our shared commitment to yoga and service, the YSC and Omega decided to formally partner in 2014 to bring yoga into the lives of more individuals and communities who have limited access to these vital teachings. We are excited to announce this partnership and to continue working together with the YSC and all their member organizations.

We offer a special thanks to Rob Schware, Jennifer Cohen Harper, Traci Childress, and the entire YSC board for their important work in the world. We're honored to be your partners on this journey.

With deep appreciation,

Robert “Skip” Backus
Chief Executive Officer