When I Take Care of Myself, There’s Always Inspiration

When I Take Care of Myself, There’s Always Inspiration
An Interview With Alanis Morissette

In an interview with Omega Institute, Alanis Morissette shares how she remains creative after more than 20 years writing award-winning music.


Omega Insitute When I Take Care of Myself, There’s Always Inspiration: An Interview With Alanis Morissette

Omega: After more than two decades in music and acting, what continues to inspire your creativity?

Alanis: Servicefulness, activism, leadership, and my obsession with wholeness and storytelling.

Omega: What’s your personal daily practice like? How do you maintain this on the road?

Alanis: Puttering, grooming, working, writing, lively conversation, snuggling, cooking, meditating, watching really fun television, exercise, and sitting in the sun. I can do all these while I travel. I often make sure my hotel rooms have kitchens so I can cook. And I travel as a village, so there are always friends to bandy things around with.

Omega: How do you work through creative blocks?

Alanis: I don’t believe in writer’s block. If I am not inspired to write, it means I shouldn’t be writing in that moment. Maybe I need to go make a sandwich or watch a movie or rest. When I take care of myself, I am always filled with inspiration to express something. The forms of expression are constantly changing, but the impetus to create remains steadfast, as long as I take care of myself. 

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