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Omega: How did you transition from being a chronic dieter to finding a more holistic approach to weight loss and life?

Jon: I came to a place of desperation, where I was 400 pounds. I was exhausted. I was...

You’ve stocked up on lemons, and you’ve hidden your coffeemaker from sight. Whether it’s your first time around or you’re a seasoned pro, you know that a cleanse takes determination, action, and the ability to stick with it.

The rules of...

Geneen Roth says there is a much better way to spend your time than strict dieting: Live the life you have. Love the body you've got.

My friend Catherine recently...

No matter where you are or how you feel about your life, you can start to heal right now. With humor and kindness, Geneen Roth explains how. Explore more from Geneen Roth:

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