Sometimes we try so hard on our spiritual journey that we get in our own way. David Harshada Wagner describes how dropping all effort and spending time in nature...

Joy Harjo is a poet and performer who has
written seven books of poetry, including
We Became Human and She Had Some Horses.
She is known...






It’s time to give up
The endless struggle to become
And accept that this is all there is
That there’s nothing more to gain or lose.
If this moment...

Bullet-proof skin inspired by spider-silk? Pharmaceuticals discovered by chimps? Self-cleaning surfaces and solar cells based on leaves? This may sound like science fiction, but it’s innovation inspired by nature, also known as the science of...

Ep. 6: How Does Nature Attach? We've all had our feathers ruffled at one time or another, but what exactly are birds trying to accomplish when they preen? Let Biomimicry 3.8's Co-Founder and Visionary take you into the wilds of Montana to...

Man's idea of chemistry often involves nasty chemicals, bunsen burners, and lab coats, but have you ever considered how nature does chemistry? The colors, smells, and structures that occur naturally are created by nature using the materials that...








It begins with a single finch
Followed by the sound of
Chickadees and blackbirds.
Then comes the hammering
Of woodpecker
Bearing down into heartwood,

A resolute defender of the environment, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. details how nature provides the setting for lessons in various religions.

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