The Omega Point

The “Omega Point” is a term used by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to describe the peak of unity and integration toward which all life is evolving, including you. Our six learning paths make it easy for you to find the support you need on your journey. These articles, videos, and slideshows—from Omega, our teachers, and people just like you—can give you the tools you need to live an inspired life.

In September, after the turbulence of the past seven months, Eric Francis suggests that yo
Come soak in the sun on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica this winter.
In this excerpt from Yoga With Weights for Dummies, author Sherri Baptiste pr
In this excerpt from Yoga With Weights for Dummies, author Sherri Baptis
Going on Being by Mark Epstein book cover
The Place Where Eastern and Western Thought Meet
Mark Epstein reveals why the standard therapeutic approach of going more deeply into your problems can lead to
Sharon Salzberg
Many of us are taught to see nonaggression as passivity, weakness, or delusional.
One of the key teachers to introduce Buddhist mindfulness practice to the West, Jack Kornfield, PhD, shares the two essential truths to the process of awaken
Rodney Yee and his wife, Colleen Saidman reveal why the difficulties in your closest relationships is rooted in the things you don't understand about yoursel
Founder and executive director of Niroga Institute, Bidyut “B.K.” Bose, PhD discusses why dialectic behavior therapy combined with a mindfulness practice of
Yoga and fitness expert and the founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, Sherri Baptiste guides you through a brief exercise from nationally recognized series "Yo