The Omega Point

The “Omega Point” is a term used by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to describe the peak of unity and integration toward which all life is evolving, including you. Our six learning paths make it easy for you to find the support you need on your journey. These articles, videos, and slideshows—from Omega, our teachers, and people just like you—can give you the tools you need to live an inspired life.

Omega Institute The Wounds of War: How Post-Traumatic Stress Affects All of Us by Loree K. Sutton
How Post-Traumatic Stress Affects All of Us
We all know that war is hell, but as former Brigadier General Loree K. Sutton explains, peace can be hell too for many of our returning soldiers and veterans.
Omega Institute - David Feinstein - Energy Psychology
Snake Oil or Therapeutic Power Tool?
David Feinstein describes some of the research behind energy psychology, a method based on tapping selected acupuncture points to address psychological problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder.
Sue Frederick, intuitive life coach and author of Bridges to Heaven, shares some personal signs she simply couldn't ignore in her own life while grieving for her husband.
Omega Institute Reconnect With Yin Yoga by Biff Mithoefer
The Gentle Path to Healing
Biff Mithoefer, author of The Yin Yoga Kit, explains how Yin Yoga can help anyone practice self-compassion and learn to reconnect.
As David Wolfe explains, anyone can boost their immune system and start leading a healthier life. The secret is to concentrate on putting good things into your diet, rather than focus on taking out the bad stuff.
The Body-Mind Connection
We explore the mind-body connection and how yoga is transforming lives in the military.
Leslie Cerier explains how everyone can benefit from eating a wide range of gluten-free whole grains.
When biophysicist and cell-biologist Joyce Hawkes was knocked unconscious, she had a near-death experience that imparted a lasting sense of peace, joy, and clarity.