The Omega Point

The “Omega Point” is a term used by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to describe the peak of unity and integration toward which all life is evolving, including you. Our six learning paths make it easy for you to find the support you need on your journey. These articles, videos, and slideshows—from Omega, our teachers, and people just like you—can give you the tools you need to live an inspired life.

Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, speaks about the culture of standardization and depersonalization within our educational systems.
What the Research Has to Say
Linda Lantieri describes how building emotional intelligence in children works to combat daily stressors.
What's Possible: An Interview With Anna Deavere Smith
Actor, playwright, and professor, Anna Deaveare Smith, and founder of, Marianne Schnall, discuss the importance of women in leadership reaching out in service.
Tara Brach, PhD, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge, says that true power takes place when you shift from wanting power over or a
New York Times best-selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on s
Best-selling author and life coach, Tama Kieves explains why wild success demands liberation from the old self-image that no longer serves you.
Your Divine Assignment: Doing the Work You Love
Are you ready to live a life of meaning and purpose? Bestselling author and life coach, Tama Kieves offers five ways to brave the spiritual path of reclaiming your true identity and creating the life of your dreams.\ Critically acclaimed novelists Isabelle Allende explains how the world can g