The Omega Point

The “Omega Point” is a term used by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to describe the peak of unity and integration toward which all life is evolving, including you. Our six learning paths make it easy for you to find the support you need on your journey. These articles, videos, and slideshows—from Omega, our teachers, and people just like you—can give you the tools you need to live an inspired life.

For the first 10 years of my work as a psychiatrist, I did not think much about trauma.
During the Ecological Literacy Immersion Program (ELIP), participants visited Hawthorne Valley Farm to learn about cultivating both outer and inner landscap
Omega: When you choose to opt out of suffering, how does it change you and the way you experience life?
One day in late March I turned on the television looking for a weather report and happened upon Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today crew perched in
I find that I’m zipping my lip lately, most often when I’m around our grown children.
When exploring the challenges men and women face in the workplace, men will often state that women ask too many questions.
Omega Institute Raising More Confident Teens
The teen years can be rocky both for kids and parents. You want them to be happy, have friends, and be successful in their lives.