The Omega Point

The “Omega Point” is a term used by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to describe the peak of unity and integration toward which all life is evolving, including you. Our six learning paths make it easy for you to find the support you need on your journey. These articles, videos, and slideshows—from Omega, our teachers, and people just like you—can give you the tools you need to live an inspired life.

At the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, you can observe the Eco Machine™ treating wastewater without chemicals and get a close-up look at the solar and
From developing strong, reliable materials to gathering light and communicating over great distances, Dayna Baumeister PhD, cofounder of the Biomimicry Guil
Jane Goodall began her landmark study of chimpanzees in Tanzania in June 1960, under the mentorship of anthropologist and paleontologist Dr. Louis Leakey.
The Living Building Challenge doesn’t just ask how we can do less damage when we’re building something; it asks us to understand the deep genius of a place.
A resolute defender of the environment, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. parallels our addiction to carbon and the British empire's previous reliance on slavery.
Program manager and engineer Dana Levy explains biomimicry through the biology-to-design example of the invention of Velcro. Maude Victoria Barlow (born May 24, 1947) is a Canadian author and activist. Maude Victoria Barlow (born May 24, 1947) is a Canadian author and activist.
The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, including women from the Arctic Circle; North, South, and Central America; Africa; and Asia,