True Independence

True Independence


What does independence really mean, and how can we can experience it in our own lives?

It may sound like a paradox, but to be truly independent, we have to be interdependent with something that will open us up. Real independence is born of reestablishing our interdependence with our own higher nature—a universal nature that connects us all. Many parables in the great sacred texts of the world provide us with a road map to realizing this higher aspect of ourself. Such timeless truths point the way toward this unique independence that comes with realizing our own interconnectedness with a greater reality. One particular passage from the New Testament is especially valuable. Within it is hidden all that we need to know to enter into this liberating relationship with higher life: Whatsoever you shall bind on earth, the same you shall bind in Heaven, and whatsoever you shall loose on earth, the same shall be loosed in Heaven.The deeper meaning of these words becomes clearer as we return to the original Aramaic in which Christ spoke. In the richer Aramaic, with its layers of meaning, the words “to bind” and “to loose” were connected to one another, and were related to the distribution of energy. To bind meant to cause something to become entrapped by enclosing lines of energy. The word implied a process of closing something down. Its opposite, to loosen, referred to the liberation of energy through the process of something being “opened” up.This energy that can be bound or loosed is the force of life itself, which is intended to descend from heaven (the source of higher energies), animate the individual, and then re-ascend back to its source in one continuous free flowing movement. If all goes as intended, this celestial energy connects the higher to the lower, so that human life on earth is perpetually inspired and directed from above. There is a continuous connection between heaven and humankind, where life is complete and ever renewed by this eternal movement.This natural flow of energy is blocked when we unconsciously cling to something that has been created from it, including our own thoughts and feelings. We literally bind this energy in ourselves. The natural flow of celestial energy is stopped, and it becomes “bound on earth,” unable to return to its source. Being “stuck” here—in lower levels of consciousness—also means it’s bound in heaven. The exchange is blocked. But if this cycle could be opened up again, these divine energies could return, and therefore be “loosed in heaven,” as well.Blocked energies keep us trapped in habitual thoughts and feelings, as unconscious captives of our own negativity. Opening the flow frees us to live fully in the moment with awareness. Re-establishing our connection to higher energies gives us independence from limiting parts of our own nature. This not only enhances our own lives, but it helps others. When we’re blocked within ourselves, we’re cut off from others. Greed and lack of compassion prevail, and we all suffer. But as we open our personal connection to the higher energies, we open our connections to others as well. We all benefit from the understanding and caring that results.How do we reawaken our relationship with this celestial order of divine energies that at once fulfills us and frees us as individuals, even as it connects us with everyone and everything in the universe? We have countless opportunities every day to loosen something on earth, to open up the circle of energy so it can be loosed in heaven. We begin by making the surprising discovery of how we unknowingly bind our energies on earth. For example, perhaps while in town one day you meet a friend you haven’t seen for a while. Stopping to chat, you feel a little self-conscious because you’re concerned about how your friend is perceiving you and if you’re measuring up. Then, as you walk away, you go back over the conversation, perhaps judging yourself as having performed well or poorly. Your friend does the same, and the self-enclosure and all that bound up energy hurts and divides you both.  The only real solution for this self-imposed isolation is to loose this energy. The secret of releasing your higher energies—of regaining a free-flowing relationship with all that is compassionate, noble, and true—is to catch yourself in the act of binding yourself. Fearful thoughts and feelings—worries over what others may think about you—not only bind you to their lower level of reality, but make you believe you’ve no choice but to accept their captivity. But these dark states lie, because anytime you wish, yours is the power to step out of their world and into a living circle of interdependent forces. Your most powerful tool for reconnecting yourself with higher energies is your attention. Whenever you feel the pain of any negativity, let that be your signal to bring your attention back into the present moment. Become aware that you were bound in a self-created world of punishing thoughts and feelings. But now you will keep your attention where you want it. In one action, you free yourself, reconnect with the divine, and open your connection with every other human being on earth.Starting this very day, refuse to bind yourself. Instead, deliberately loose those self-centered thoughts and feelings. Dropping them is the same as opening yourself to the circle of conscious energies that are already one with all that is right, bright, and everlasting. There is no higher success than to give yourself the independence that comes with re-establishing your conscious interdependence with real life and your fellow beings.

Guy Finley is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation and the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on self-realization.

Copyright © 2011 by Guy Finley. All rights reserved.


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