Body, Mind & Spirit

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Discover new truths to help you unlock your full potential. Explore the intimate connection between body, mind and spirit through yoga, meditation, spiritual, wellness, and personal growth retreats and workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

09/07/2014 to 09/12/2014
Heal through mediumship with Lisa Williams by connecting to spirit guides to aid the healing process of loss and grief.
09/12/2014 to 09/19/2014
A 7-Night Silent Retreat With Adyashanti
In this silent retreat with Adyashanti, we focus on seeing through the mind’s constant narrative that distorts our perception and causes us to live in illusion, while all along the immeasurable reality is at hand.
09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014
Created by Ann Bradney, Radical Aliveness uses Core Energetics techniques to help you evolve into your most authentic, open, and creative self.
09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014
Restore Your Gut
Restore your gut and improve your life with Susan Taylor, an acclaimed teacher of ways to integrate Western medicine with natural healing traditions.
09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014
The Ultimate Self-Care Retreat for Women
Enjoy authentic, soulful connection with like-minded women as you reclaim your life, embrace a new way of being, and experience greater freedom and joy!
09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014
A 5-Day Professional Training Workshop
In this intensive workshop, mental health professionals learn the practical application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for major anxiety disorders.
09/30/2014 to 10/02/2014
Experience John of God, one of the world’s most revered spiritual healers and mediums, and feel the power of faith in a loving community.
10/03/2014 to 10/05/2014
Asana, Meditation & Pranayama
Spend the weekend exploring asana, meditation, and pranayama, and the relationship between the three.
10/03/2014 to 10/05/2014
During this weekend of healing and detoxification, we combine two incredibly potent allies in restoring and maintaining radiant health: yoga and juicing.
10/03/2014 to 10/05/2014
Writing the Deeper Story with Pam Houston and Albert Flynn DeSilver offers an opportunity to explore deeper levels of personal identity and creativity.