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Mercury Retrograde and Scorpio Eclipse
Astrologically, this November involves a Mercury retrograde and Scorpio eclipse, so it should be an interesting month especially because Mercury retrograde begins on election day. As Eric Francis says, this can be a slippery time, where it is difficult to discern the truth. So don't act on what you know or suspect to be incomplete information.  More
Sharon Gannon Talking to Student
The Principles of Karma Yoga
If you think your thoughts and actions don't make a difference, think again. Sharon Gannon and David Life, founders of Jivamukti Yoga®, explain the principles of Karma Yoga and how you can reduce your suffering, and the suffering of the world, by paying attention. More
Stop Watching Life & Begin Living It Instead
Life is revealed not through observation, but through our willingness to live it. Mark Nepo shares how his efforts, and the generosity of a friend, helped him realize that living is the original art. More
To intuit means to look upon, to instruct from within, to understand or learn by instinct. And instinct refers to a learning we are born with. So intuition is the very personal way we listen to the universe in order to discover and rediscover the learnings we are born with. As such, intuition is a deep form of listening that when trusted can return us to the common, irrepressible element at the center of all life and to the oneness of things that surrounds us, both of which are at the heart of resilience. More
The five wisdoms reveal the subtle energetic dimension of your experience—body, emotions, mental activity, and sense perceptions. Take Irini Rockwell’s five wisdoms questionnaire to discover more about yourself and find clues to striking greater balance in your life. More
The transition back to everyday life can be the most important aspect of your retreat. It is the bridge between your truest self and the self that braces against life. Irini Rockwell shares five essential guidelines for making a smooth transition. Once retreat is over, how do you avoid resuming your “same old” life? How do you return to your life with the lessons learned from retreat intact? More
Dreams can provide extraordinary insights into improving all aspects of your life. Psychiatrist Judith Orloff shares her techniques for gaining valuable advice from dreams. More
Judith Orloff shows you how to distinguish between true intuitions and irrational fears. My approach to transforming fear has two stages. First, take stock of what makes you afraid and distinguish irrational fears from legitimate intuitions. Second, take appropriate steps to heed protective fears and transform the others with courage. At times you may foresee real danger, but more frequently unproductive fears clobber you. More
The Science of Changing Your Mind
How do we become who we are—and do we have any say in the matter? According to neuroscience, who and what you think you are is what you will become. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain, explains how our thoughts can rewire our brains and shape who we become. I invite you to have a single thought, any thought. Whether you choose to think of feeling angry, sad, inspired, joyful, or even sexually aroused, you’ve changed your body. You changed you. More
Ever wonder about mind over matter when it comes to healing the body? As human beings, we can change our thoughts to change the physical structure of our mind and body. Mastering this skill is what allows us to rewire our brains, heal our bodies, and change our lives. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain, explains the science behind the miracle. More