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12/18/2013 to 10/01/2014
Panache Desai
4-Part Video & Downloadable Audio Series
12/18/2013 to 10/01/2014
Panache Desai
4-Part Video & Downloadable Audio Series
Panache Desai
Talk & Book Reading With Panache Desai
Elizabeth Lesser, Panache Desai, and Brian Weiss discuss how, in these modern times, we can live a soulful life. More
09/26/2014 to 09/28/2014
With Pema Chödrön and Dale Asrael
Enjoy a live retreat with one of America's favorite Buddhist and meditation teachers, Pema Chodron, from the comfort of your own home. More
10/03/2014 to 10/05/2014
Moving Beyond Space, Time & Words
Join this gathering with some of the nation’s top leaders in neuroscience, healing, and the sacred dimensions of life from anywhere via live stream and enjoy the extraordinary opportunity to encounter your soul. More
2012 Horoscopes
The Most Important Year of Your Life
According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 has long been considered a time of transition. Eric Francis argues that while the world will not end, it's defeinitely an astrologically significant year. Here are your 2012 horocsopes. For more details about the year 2012, see Eric Francis' article "2012: The Most Important Year of Your Life." More
In this interview by Elizabeth Lesser, Sharon Salzberg urges us to live from love and take care of one another. Elizabeth: You are often called one of America’s leading spiritual teachers. What does it mean to you to be a spiritual teacher? More
Spiritual Activism in the Now
Carla Goldstein explains how spiritual activism invites us to cast off old adversarial habits and assumptions and meet each other in the healing and creative field of presence and mindfulness. People marvel at the way children live in the moment. Yet from the time we are very young we are taught to abandon our direct experience and move lock, stock, and barrel into the abstract land of the reasoning mind. More
Find a quiet place for just a few moments to enjoy this step-by-step, moment-by-moment meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn. Imagine yourself under water, still fully able to breathe. Now try moving. Move just one arm and hand, slowly at first. Can you "feel" how the "water" streams around the arm, between the fingers, across the back of the hand and all around? As I do it now, I feel a fluidity in the movement itself, as if my arm and hand suddenly have a new life to them. More
A Group of Compassionate People
We all have the seeds of love and compassion in our minds, and we can develop these fine and wonderful sources of energy. Vietnamese Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh shows us how. More
In yoga, self-inquiry is a trusted tool and the basis for action. Life is short. The burning question in yoga is: “What is the purpose of your life?” Setting the goal gives a direction. You can experiment and see what comes back to you as you move in this direction. You can stop and reassess. Is it still the right way? You can see what life gives you–the gifts and the challenges–and recognize the challenges as part of the gift. What are you are meant to do in this lifetime? Why were you born? What does it mean to die? What is supposed to happen in between? More
Joan Anderson talks about why you need to learn to accept change, embrace the unfinished parts of yourself, and become someone you might have never intended to be. More
What does independence really mean, and how can we can experience it in our own lives? More
Before you got out of bed to begin your day, what if you took the time to ask yourself this one simple question, “What is the greatest ideal of myself I can be today?” If you’re patient enough to wait for an answer, you would begin to think differently, says Joe Dispenza. More
A Wealth of Support on the Path to Happiness
While it is up to us to discover and explore our personal path, no one is doing so alone. More