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To intuit means to look upon, to instruct from within, to understand or learn by instinct. And instinct refers to a learning we are born with. So intuition is the very personal way we listen to the universe in order to discover and rediscover the learnings we are born with. As such, intuition is a deep form of listening that when trusted can return us to the common, irrepressible element at the center of all life and to the oneness of things that surrounds us, both of which are at the heart of resilience. More
The five wisdoms reveal the subtle energetic dimension of your experience—body, emotions, mental activity, and sense perceptions. Take Irini Rockwell’s five wisdoms questionnaire to discover more about yourself and find clues to striking greater balance in your life. More
The transition back to everyday life can be the most important aspect of your retreat. It is the bridge between your truest self and the self that braces against life. Irini Rockwell shares five essential guidelines for making a smooth transition. Once retreat is over, how do you avoid resuming your “same old” life? How do you return to your life with the lessons learned from retreat intact? More
Dreams can provide extraordinary insights into improving all aspects of your life. Psychiatrist Judith Orloff shares her techniques for gaining valuable advice from dreams. More
Judith Orloff shows you how to distinguish between true intuitions and irrational fears. My approach to transforming fear has two stages. First, take stock of what makes you afraid and distinguish irrational fears from legitimate intuitions. Second, take appropriate steps to heed protective fears and transform the others with courage. At times you may foresee real danger, but more frequently unproductive fears clobber you. More
The Science of Changing Your Mind
How do we become who we are—and do we have any say in the matter? According to neuroscience, who and what you think you are is what you will become. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain, explains how our thoughts can rewire our brains and shape who we become. I invite you to have a single thought, any thought. Whether you choose to think of feeling angry, sad, inspired, joyful, or even sexually aroused, you’ve changed your body. You changed you. More
Ever wonder about mind over matter when it comes to healing the body? As human beings, we can change our thoughts to change the physical structure of our mind and body. Mastering this skill is what allows us to rewire our brains, heal our bodies, and change our lives. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain, explains the science behind the miracle. More
Dougall Fraser on Dr. Phil
Feeling judged by others is an experience with which most of us are familiar. Your body type, politics, and sexuality are only some of the reasons that people might pass judgment. Even well-intentioned family and friends may look down upon us if we are not living our lives in accordance with their beliefs. I have faced skepticism and judgment many times in my life. I am an openly gay man who earns his living as a professional psychic and life coach. I am pretty sure Mitt Romney would have given me an aggressive haircut in a headlock if we'd gone to high school together. More
Change requires becoming aware of old habits and deciding you want to be free of old patterns. It requires “unmemorizing” emotional states that have become part of your personality and then reconditioning your body to a new mind. Here, Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain, shows you how. More
Welcome to Virgo
In September, after the turbulence of the past seven months, Eric Francis suggests that you strike a balance between easing off and easing into some real accomplishments. Set your agenda carefully, and make sure you include your most significant goals. Explore the effects of Virgo and Chiron in your life. For a more thorough explanation of this month's astrology, see September 2012: Welcome to Virgo. More


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