How Do You Define Art?

How Do You Define Art?
May 15, 2013

What does art and creativity mean to you? How do you define art? We asked some of our Arts Week teachers these and other questions about art and here are some of their thoughtful responses.


  • Marla Baggetta, painter

    "Art is all about pushing boundaries and evolving...changing and growing. Creating is the essence of life. Making art makes us human."

  • Peter Gold, trapeze artist

    "Since perception shapes our reality, art allows us to examine reality from different perspectives. As human beings on a path of spiritual evolving, it's only natural that we'd enjoy the variety of reality that art brings us."

  • Robert Rodriguez, Jr., photographer 

    "Art is the most important aspect of being human. The realization that we all are creative and have the ability to express ourselves is what makes us unique individuals."

  • Daniel Mack, rustic furniture artist

    "Art is that struggle we all go through to make and re-make order in our lives. It’s about hunting, finding, making, re-making, giving away, and starting again."

  • Vicki Payne, glass mosaic artist

    "Art is change. Art allows us to take the risk that is necessary to transform ourselves and our lives so we can discover what we are really meant to do."


  • Brad Shur, shadow puppetry artist

    "Art is what humans do when we're not concentrating on survival or reproduction."

  • Stephanie Monseu, circus artist

    "Art represents the ultimate expression of the human desire for connection with self, others, and the world."

  • Jim Mendrinos, comedian

    "Art is hope. It gives humanity a reason to strive. Art is imagination. It is the seed that allows your soul to evolve."


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