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Omega Institute Best Mobile Food Apps by Eric Steinman
A World of Food Choices in the Palm of Your Hand
When choosing what to eat, it is safe to say that 90% of the time such choices are not made in front of our computers, scrutinizing the latest analytics about sustainability and pesticide concentrations. No, these choices are more often made on the go, when we are standing in wonder amongst the menus, farm stands, and variety of food options we are to navigate on a daily basis. Thankfully we have that 21st century tool, the smart phone app, that aggregates and delivers information about the food we eat with just a few swipes of our finger. More
Omega Institute Zucchini Pickles Recipe
Zucchini pickles, with their sweet tanginess, can be a delicious addition to any summer meal, especially one with grilled foods. Former executive chef at Omega FoodWorks, Christopher Fotta, developed this easy recipe for zucchini pickles. He says they're perfect alongside vegetarian “sliders” made with marinated raw organic cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and grilled shiitake mushrooms. And, making pickles is a creative way to use up all the zucchini that seems to appear everywhere in summer. More
Chef Robert Turner talks about one of his favorite ways to prepare the love apple, also known as the tomato. I’m from New Jersey, which is also known, believe it or not, as the Garden State. Long a major agricultural production center, New Jersey is famous for its great tasting tomatoes. You may have heard of the Jersey tomato. It set the bar high for flavor and quality and I was lucky enough to grow up on them. More
Sapphire is an author and poet whose books include American Dreams and Push, which was made into the Academy Award-winning movie Precious. Well known for her candor and an unflinching eye, she is also applauded for her unique and fearless voice.   Today is the day you have been waiting for when you would finally begin to live when you would at last open the door More
(A Valentine)
Joy Harjo is a poet and performer who has written seven books of poetry, including How We Became Human and She Had Some Horses. She is known for drawing together the brutalities of contemporary reservation life with the beauty and sensibility of Native American culture and mythology.   More
for Pascal
Aimee Nezhukumatathil is author of three award-winning books of poetry, Lucky Fish, At the Drive-In Volcano, and Miracle Fruit. Here, she offers one of her poems from Lucky Fish. She's been warned not to sleep with moonlight on her face or she will be taken from her house. She wears eel-skin to protect herself. She tilts her face to the night sky when no one is looking. During the eclipse, eels bubble in their dark More
Orange Cake
High in vitamin C, sweet, and juicy, oranges are the perfect addition to many baked treats. Chef Roger Dufau shares this delicious recipe for Orange Cake, which he serves frequently at Drew House, his popular bed and breakfast. This recipe makes 2 medium-sized cakes.       More
Opening Up to New Possibilities
How does the human brain transform itself from a complex biological phenomenon into an even more complex creative mind and spirit? Renowned pioneer in the personal mythology movement, Sam Keen offers a look into what goes into—or comes out of—the amazing process of being human. More