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Hand Tai Chi
Peter Wayne, author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, created Hand Tai Chi to help people relieve the pain of arthritis and repetitive-stress injury. The added benefit? With practice, you’ll also experience the core principles of tai chi.  More
Xavier Amador, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and professor at Teachers College Columbia University in New York City. He is founder and director of the LEAP™ Institute and is frequently consulted by national media during times of tragedy. More
New Reiki Software for Divine Living
Brett Bevell shares Reiki psalms that can help you develop a deeper sense of communion with the divine. More
Each year, a growing number of cancer patients seek an approach to medicine and health care that is more comprehensive, more holistic and integrative, and more compassionate and sensitive to their needs as a whole person. More
Ever wonder about mind over matter when it comes to healing the body? As human beings, we can change our thoughts to change the physical structure of our mind and body. Mastering this skill is what allows us to rewire our brains, heal our bodies, and change our lives. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain, explains the science behind the miracle. More
Going on Being by Mark Epstein book cover
The Place Where Eastern and Western Thought Meet
Mark Epstein reveals why the standard therapeutic approach of going more deeply into your problems can lead to a kind of sober honesty and humility, while adding a mindfulness practice will help you connect to your spirit, move away from your problems, and understand your authentic self—all necessary for healing and recovery. More
Energy medicine is both a complement to other systems of medical care and, in itself, a complete system for self-care and self-help. In this brief overview on the basics, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, PhD, describe some of these effective practices and methods. More
"Energy medicine is the last great frontier in medicine."  —Mehmet Oz, MD More
Geneen Roth
Geneen Roth reminds us to give thanks to the body we’re in right now. People usually come to my workshops because they want to lose weight. They want to stop suffering. They want to be happy. I talk to them about trusting themselves and about listening to their bodies. Once you do that, I say, everything—your relationship with food, yourself, your body—tends to fall into place.

Joyce Hawkes
Being human is a strange and wonderful experience. We are big enough to fall like Newton’s apple, yet our cells are small enough and work fast enough to qualify our inner workings as a quantum universe. We inhabit a borderland between Newtonian physics and the quantum model of reality, and we smoothly operate within these two realities. The body handles the details of the intricate workings of our 100 trillion cells without our conscious intervention. More